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The number of premises that have access to superfast broadband, delivered by Superfast Staffordshire:

The benefits of having
Fibre broadband for business

Boost productivity Boost productivity

Faster speeds even at the busiest times of day mean that you can upload large files such as complex graphics and videos in a fraction of the time.

Better service and reliability Better service and reliability

It doesn’t matter how many users are using the internet at the same time. Superfast will consistently be superfast without the usual lag or delay which increases with the volume of user usage with regular broadband.

Cloud computing Cloud computing

Get the latest and best business software through cloud computing services such as instant data back ups – taking away the hassles of security and upgrades.

Better customer relations Better customer relations

Connect with customers and suppliers in new ways such as through internet telephony (e.g. Skype) and high definition video conferencing.

Work from anywhere Work from anywhere

Working from home and on the move can be seamless and easy. Save money at the same time by reducing travel costs to the office and face-to-face meetings.

Reduce costs Reduce costs

Cut down on energy use by using cloud computing - this means less need for energy hungry servers at every office. Virtual private networks (VPN) allow business PCs to be remotely hosted, saving energy too. N.B. A VPN is a system where people can access work intranets and private networks over the internet.


If you would like some free help and advice about maximising the benefits of fibre broadband, we have two free business support programmes available:

1.  Optimising Business Broadband-available to SMEs offering free events, interactive webinars, downloadable tools and guides and face to face support.   For more information and to register please click here

2.  Women and Broadband Challenge-available to women in business and women thinking about setting up in business, offering free events and workshops, mentoring and advice in a supportive environment.   For more information and to register please click here


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