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Liz Thursfield & Ariadne's Thread


Liz Thursfield lives in the village of Brocton near Stafford and runs her business, Ariadne's Thread from home.   Ariadne's Thread offers social media and copywriting services to other businesses, giving them good quality online presence and helping them succeed.

Liz, in her words, "Truly loves social media" and because of some health problems and disability, spends a lot of her time interacting socially as well as for her business.

"When you can't get about as easily as other people having access to services via the internet isn't a luxury, it's necessity.   Whether it's ordering a repeat prescription or getting food delivered, being online enabled me to live a more normal life."

"Having the new superfast broadband has made a great difference to my online habits. I can now use music streaming services, which just wouldn't operate on the slower service. It's a joy to be able to access downloadable content for my games.   Previously I've had to miss out on new content or wait for it to download overnight. I've also noticed that email attachments download far more quickly making my home office more efficient and easier to manage.

"Having superfast broadband is great for my business because I can access my client's accounts and media far more quickly.   I don't have to wait for ages while photographs and videos download.   Even the upload speed is noticeably improved.   Video conferencing with Skype is now practical and saves me (and my clients) a great deal of diary juggling. It helps me to manage my disability and heath problems by being able to offer a Skype call as an alternative to a face to face meeting when I am unable to leave the house." 

Liz is looking forward to use on demand television and film services as well as YouTube, which didn't work with the slower speeds. "Just think of all the cat videos I have to catch up on..."

Check out Liz's website at  and all the services she has to offer thanks to her superfast connection. 



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