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The number of premises that have access to superfast broadband, delivered by Superfast Staffordshire:

Rishi Mahadeo and Forward Thinking Accountants


Rishi Mahadeo is in the process of setting up Forward Thinking which is an Accountancy business.   Along with your traditional accountancy services, Forward Thinking aims to take stress out of financial functions undertaken by small and medium sized businesses without them having to hire permanent finance staff.

Rishi has worked in a variety of roles from practice through to industry but really wants to have the oppurtunity to work with a variety of businesses and essentially be part of their growth and success.

Rishi and his wife recently moved from Lichfield, to the rural village of Edingale near Tamworth.   They had always wanted to move out into the countryside and with a baby on the way the oppurtunity arose and they took it.

When they arrived in Edingale they found that the fastest speeds in the village were about 4Mbps- quite a significant drop from the 50Mbps he was used to in Lichfield.   Rishi quickly discovered though that Superfast Staffordshire were bringing fibre broadband to Edingale village and that the Mahadeo new family home was to be connected via Harlaston exchange cabinet 2.

It was about ten weeks after they moved in that they were able to order fibre broadband, but even in that short amount of time Rishi told the team "it was like stepping back 10 years" and this "it was very frustrating" when he found that with a sub 4Mbps speeds serving the internet on smartphones and refreshing the Forward Thinking (@FTAccountants) Twitter account took far too long for a modern business.

The new superfast connection is therefore invaluable.   It has enabled Rishi to get back online and access all the information that he needs to help him set up his new venture.   He wants to take full advantage of the cloud and the benefits that it can bring to his prospective clients explaining:

"I believe it is important to embrace these new technologies and use them to their full potential, something that would not be possible without the access to superfast broadband which we now have."

Rishi and his wife have also discovered the benefits of a superfast broadband connection in the home.   Being big fans of House of Cards and Breaking Bad they can enjoy their supoerfast connection by streaming the shows from sites such as Netflix, without buffering and loading.

Check out Forward Thinking Accountants on their website on:


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